Peace Studies

A reflection on Peace
and Inherited Narratives

Around 2012, I embarked on my journey into peace studies, particularly in conflict resolution. At that time, I was already a psychologist and had been practicing in the clinical setting for many years.

However, I was tremendously attracted to the idea of “abstracting” from “who says what”, to focus solely on the “what” and how” it is said. I still loved clinical practice, but I realized that I needed to enlarge the prism through which I saw and interpreted the human being, so I somehow changed my track and decided to step away from the picture to see it better.

It was during that period that my passion for exploring transgenerational traumas, which I refer to as “inherited narratives,” began to blossom. These narratives which sometimes build and sometimes destroy.

I became much more aware of how important it is to reflect, sustain, and filter what we say in order to take care of what we pass on, especially to future generations. I also became aware of how important it is to preserve in ourselves the good that has been given to us, to decipher what has harmed us, and to seek and integrate what we lack.

How much of what we have been told about our story have we accepted without questioning whether it truly represents us...?

I believe that individuals deserve the opportunity to reflect on their identities in order to “choose who they want to be.”. That is why I try to give a clinical application to what I studied during those years, and to integrate in my sessions with patients the work of helping them to become aware of what they say and how they say it. Above all, I like to help my patients to be more aware of how they speak to others, especially in the presence of children because, while we talk, even if we don’t realise it, they listen to us.

Helena García López - Sobre Mi

Why do I do it?

Because if I am able to help individuals identify these elements, I will be able to help them deconstruct the prism through which they see things and rewrite their own story so that there is room for other parts of the story, the stories of others, other lives, and often, other victims….

If I can help individuals become aware of how their stories are being told, I will be caring for the unborn... and if I am able to do this, I will have brought humanity a little closer. Please count on me for Peace building.

Helena García